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Sod Landscaping

Sod Installation Services

We use premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod products for residential landscape renovations in Ottawa

PELOSO Landscaping can help you with all your landscaping and sodding needs from sodding, riverwash and garden beds, to mulching. We can also help with the drainage of your property and other odd jobs you may need done. PELOSO can take on full responsibility for your yard in order to achieve the finished look you desire for your property.

  • Tree and shrub installation
  • Sodding and seeding
  • Asphalt installation
  • Concrete forming for walkways and steps
  • Fencing and decking

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Lawn sod is the quick-fix solution for almost every lawn. While it’s not often necessary, it is a luxury for those clients that want to have that perfect lawn in just one day. If you want the perfect lawn right now, sodding is the answer. Sodding is also the most effective way to repair an existing lawn or plant a new one.

An investment in sod is one that will last for years, even decades, to come, with proper care. The installation, however, is extremely important to its success. The trained professionals at PELOSO Landscaping can help you choose the best sod for your property, and install it quickly and easily.

Our installation includes a complete clearing and cleanup of the property before laying the sod. We always use the best topsoil mix to create an even surface, and water the area for a moist base. After the sod is rolled out, we run rollers over it to remove air pockets and encourage strong root growth. We also take care of the first thorough watering, which usually takes thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the property size. Afterwards, deep watering is required once a day for the first 3-4 weeks and once every other day for the next month. A detailed care plan specific to your property’s conditions and needs will be created for you at the time of installation. Mowing should always be avoided for one to two months after sodding to give the grass and roots enough time to take a firm hold. PELOSO Landscaping has been providing the highest-grade lawn sod products for decades. Our lawn and garden solutions are regarded as some of the best in the community, and we offer top quality lawn sod and sodding in Ottawa and the surrounding area.