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Your pool won’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a vital part of the whole backyard where the landscape provides the perfect setting. This is why pool design is best done by PELOSO Landscaping architects who understands the big picture of site function and circulation so the pool is placed in the most optimal location.

“People are looking for creative solutions for their property”.
“The twenty by forty rectangular pool isn’t in style any more. They want an enjoyable environment for themselves and their children. No longer holding the status of just a “swimming pool,” yards now hold the capability of a private oasis retreat. Customary traveling vacations are limited in a busy family’s schedule.
This makes the most valuable entertainment place their home, which also makes safety and health facets especially significant.”

“Early in the design process we work hard to establish our clients’ wants and needs through a detailed lifestyle survey. Luxury pools and spas are all about exceeding expectations and enhancing the lifestyle of a family.
Our business model is designing and building the entire landscape and that’s how we became the top company in Ottawa area.”

It’s important then to consider the landscape as a frame for your new pool. It should enhance pool design and solve problems at the same time. The hardscape will vary according to the style of your pool which can range from streamline modern to a fantasy rock and waterfall oasis.


The world of rock accents around pools is divided between artificial stone and natural stone. The difference is that natural stone must be hauled and set on site, and due to its weight the use of large boulders can present costly engineering challenges. This is why artificial pool boulder systems are growing in popularity because they are more adaptable to both the site and pool with many more options for you to choose from. What is key, however, is to design planting in association with this rock work to give it a realistic appearance and a solid foliage background for high contrast.

Water features

The site and sound of falling water turns a static swimming pool into a beautiful fountain. Waterfalls are typically a part of naturalistic rock pools. For more contemporary or modern design, the more precise water feature is preferred with sheets of water specially illuminated with iridescent backgrounds that give them a sharp glassy beauty. A pool water feature should always be most visible from both the outdoor living spaces and from primary indoor rooms to make it beneficial in the off season too.


The unique feature of a spa is that it is used for both recreation and health. To achieve privacy and a relaxing environment to unwind, planting and screen fences are often necessary. How planting is designed can have a big influence on the way your spa looks within the larger landscape of the yard.

PELOSO Landscaping Pro Tip:
Treat a private spa like its own garden room because it will function as a passive space compared to a pool which is a more active use.


The limits of your hardscape options are only defined by your budget. What you build around the pool should be directly linked to your individual lifestyle and the overall design style of the site. It’s important that these hardscape elements share similar color and materials palettes so that the entire site is integrated. All too often the pool area is treated separately, which divides the available space. But when it’s nicely defined by the pool deck, seatwalls, shade structures and other elements that are responsive to the look and feel of your house, then the investment will pay off and you’ll be wholly satisfied with the project.

PELOSO Landscaping Pro Tip:
Establish a strong materials palette based on your architecture and stick with it throughout the entire project.


Shade structures are highly variable and their design will relate to the style of the house as well as the overall palette of the yard. This can be attached to the house itself or freestanding within the landscape. Shade may be filtered light through a vine shrouded arbor or sheltered under a solid roof structure over an outdoor kitchen or gazebo. In Ottawa’s very hot summer days, the need for a protective shady space adjacent to the pool is essential.

These are just a few reasons why the same designer at PELOSO Landscaping who envisions your pool should also create the landscape that surrounds it.

PELOSO Landscapingt is well known for their planted pool areas and you’ll get a much bigger project for the same price. Planting is what makes your pool look great in the off season when viewed through windows from indoors.