Perfect Turf Artificial Grass Installation

Low-maintenance and waterless landscaping surfaces for Ottawa lawns, pet areas, playgrounds, & more

Save time and money – no watering, no mowing, no maintenance… just perfect turf.

Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass is the largest and oldest privately owned synthetic grass company in North America, developing, designing, manufacturing and installing grass for over 25 years! Perfect Turf only uses 100% North American made materials, from the initial resins right on through to the finished product; this guarantees the highest quality control possible! Perfect Turf warranty our installation workmanship for the lifetime of the product. As industry leaders, Perfect Turf continues to build the highest quality, best looking, best feeling and longest lasting synthetic grass products in the world. And for your peace of mind, we have a third party insuring our product warranty.

Imagine never having to mow, fertilize, or water your lawn again. Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass provides the opportunity to be environmentally friendly and the envy of your neighbourhood at the same time. Simply put, a synthetic grass lawn is cleaner, greener, and easier than real grass.

As the official distributor of Perfect Turf in the National Capital Region, your maintenance free lawn awaits you!

Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass looks and feels like real grass but comes with none of the upkeep. No mowing, no watering, no maintenance – it’s the perfect choice for homes, businesses and cities.

Perfect Turf has been producing synthetic grass since 1987. It manufactures products exclusively in North America and uses only North American made components . As the only fully integrated manufacturer in the world, its quality control and turf product is the best available on the market.

Perfect Turf is the only synthetic grass company with an 8 year product/UV warranty backed by a 3rd party insurance company.

We can assist you with financing if needed.
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  • Lawns
    Why choose PELOSO Landscaping, a team of agronomic experts. plus, a local specialist who knows your lawn inside & out. that’s lawn love.
  • Putting greens
    Top of the line PC Augusta is best product on the market for putting greens. Perfect Turf is ideal for many different applications. How about your own golf green in the privacy of your backyard or even in your basement?
  • Pet-Friendly Areas
    Ever wish you had a maintenance-free area for your pet? Perfect Turf is ideal. No more discoloration of your grass due to "pet spots". Easy to clean surface makes this lawn the perfect lawn!
  • No-maintenance lawn for your home, business or special landscaping project!
    Whether you have a small "grassy" area near your pool, a condo project with small lawn areas for each unit, a large yard, or an extensive landscaping project, Perfect Turf, available from PELOSO Landscaping, may just be your perfect solution!

Artificial Grass Designed Specifically for Dogs

Putting greens