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Perfect Turf™-PetGrass is unlike any other synthetic turf on the market designed specifically for use with Pet Resorts, Kennels, Veterinarians, hotels, condominium complexes, commercial and residential property owners, and more.  Perfect Turf LLC today announced a new version of Perfect Turf™-PetGrass that has a tan-thatch layer in addition to the two-tone long blades to give Perfect Turf™-PetGrass the most natural appearance possible.

Dave Sternberg, executive manager states, “About three years ago the industry began adding a tan-thatch layer to landscape grass to give it a more natural appearance.  In this short time, tan-thatch colored landscape grasses have become the norm and we find the great majority of our customers choosing these styles over the traditional green-thatch landscape turfs of the past.  However, out of the small number of companies that produce synthetic turf specifically for use with dog facilities, meaning turf with antimicrobial agents built right into the yarn, Perfect Turf is the first to offer a synthetic turf with a tan-thatch.”

Here’s what makes Perfect Turf™-PetGrass better than the competition:

    Looks more like real grass, now even more so with a tan-thatch option
    Has excellent durability and better dimensional stability
    Has anti-microbial agents in both the yarn and the backing
    Priced lower than popular alternative brands for use with dogs


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