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Now is a great time to add to your landscape and get it ready for the summer. From fire bowls to pools and patios to kitchens, there are many things you can put in your landscape to make it functional yet beautiful. A necessary addition is outdoor lighting.

It helps throughout the night, providing safety and security, but it also makes your landscape look calming, relaxing and even enchanting.

Outdoor lighting will make your beautiful landscape visible all night. It can highlight and draw attention to certain features of your landscape such as trees, plants, water features and more. In addition, it expands your outdoor living space.

With more lighting throughout the landscape, you can enjoy more of your landscape during the night. There are many different options for landscape lighting, including path lights, up and accent lights, in-ground lights and more. Up and accent lights are great for floodlighting, backlighting, up-lighting and spotlighting. They can either be mounted on walls or trees or they can be mounted in-grade. In-ground and well lights can be mounted in-grade for up-lighting, spotlighting and floodlighting. They are great for highlighting signs, trees, shrubs, statues and more.

Path and spread lights are perfect for lighting walkways, garden beds and ground cover. Lighting your walkways is necessary to enjoy the outdoors at night. Step and brick lights can also help with safety. They are great for deck-lighting, step-lighting, wall-lighting and more.

While lighting your landscape is necessary, it will also make your landscape even more beautiful than it already is. Landscape lighting adds elegant aesthetics and highlights to your landscape, making it illuminated and welcoming.

With so many options available for landscape lighting, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your unique home and style.