Commercial Landscape Designs

Custom landscape design installation and management at Ottawa’s corporate properties

Commercial Installation

At PELOSO Landscaping, we know that the design is only the beginning, and a perfect plan is nothing without perfect implementation. Our landscapers do all landscape installations from start to finish, including all the clean-up and finishing touches, on time and on budget. We realize that our work reflects on your business. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so we always ensure that the job is done to our highest standards.

Commercial and corporate landscapes have different needs than residential yards. This is especially apparent during the construction/installation stages of landscape development. For one, any sort of safety hazard left for any amount of time is a huge liability to your business, so landscaping should always be left to professionals.

Even when significant construction is required, PELOSO Landscaping will complete your project on time, with every detail in place. We know how important a quick and efficient installation is to minimize the disruption to your business.

We also understand that our clients are environmentally conscious, so a beautiful and functional new landscape cannot come at the cost of damage to Ottawa area’s ecosystem. PELOSO Landscaping has training and experience in environmentally sustainably practices and landscapes. This means that both the construction and installation itself involves green products and procedures, and the designs we implement are not harmful to the environment. This includes the use of native plants, addressing water, energy and resource conservation concerns, and respecting wildlife habitats.

Our landscapers are qualified to install:

  • Interlock walks, patios and pathways
  • Precast stone retaining walls and columns
  • Interlock and natural stone repairs
  • Foundation planting
  • Calliper trees
  • Water features
  • Rock gardens
  • Lighting installation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Grading
  • Sod installation
  • Seeding

Ask us how PELOSO Landscaping can implement leading-edge sustainable landscapes to benefit your business from every angle.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture involves the integration of environmental, social and aesthetic factors to design a harmonious and appealing landscape. Landscape architects are often employed for the design of major public, corporate or significant residential landscape planning. This may include town or urban planning, public and private parks, green infrastructure, corporate properties and private estates.

At  PELOSO Landscaping we have formed partnerships with some of the best landscape architects in the area to bring our clients the ideal team of professionals that can create a landscape that exceeds your expectations.

Landscape architects often work closely with property surveyors and environmental engineers to determine the best ways to conserve or, if necessary, restore the natural environment of your location. Using information about the property, new topography, vegetation, water features and other additions can be designed to work with nature and not against it.

To learn more about how a landscape architect may be able to contribute to your project, give us a call at 613 260-9566. We’re always happy to help and answer your questions.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer-aided design (CAD) is so widely used, in everything from diamond ring to automobile design, and landscaping is no exception from the technical boom. The experts at PELOSO Landscaping Landscaping keep ahead of the curve and use the latest in CAD technology to design the best commercial property for you, and let you see it before we start.

The advantages to CAD when it comes to landscaping your Ottawa business cannot be overstated. First, you have an idea about what you want your property to look like. When you communicate that to one of PELOSO Landscaping’s trained professionals, we turn that into an explicit design. While we sketch that design, measure it, scale it and detail it, you still don’t have a tangible feel for whether you’re getting what you want. That’s where CAD comes in. With an attractively rendered, full-colour image, you can see into your property’s future, and it’s not too late to modify. That’s the next advantage of CAD. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and the last thing we ever want is a completed landscape and an unsatisfied customer, so we want you to know what you’re getting. If you don’t approve the design, then we edit, modify, or even start from scratch. The versatility and flexibility of our top of the line modelling software means that we can offer you a practical and tangible visualization of your property and our design.

Call PELOSO Landscaping today at 613 260-9566 for a consultation and to learn how CAD technology can help your property flourish.


StoneworkAt PELOSO Landscaping Landscaping & Maintenance Inc. we offer a wide selection of products and customized stone creations to improve your home or business. This includes interlocking stone, natural stone, flagstone, paving and precast concrete. Any of these features can drastically improve the appearance and safety of your patio, walkway, deck, or driveway.

With such an array of stone choices, the decision may seem daunting, but with a look at your budget and taste, a PELOSO Landscaping expert can help you narrow down your choices and find a stone that fits you perfectly.

Natural Stone

Natural stone, usually chosen for its natural beauty and irregular patterns, adds a unique touch to any landscape. It is usually easier to maintain than other man-made options and is highly versatile in the ways it can be used. However, it may require wall ties and footings, depending on your property and the stone you choose, which can increase the cost of installation.

Interlocking Stone

Interlocking concrete pavers contribute a different style to your landscape that is organized and elegant. These pavers are made to withstand significant weather and wear when laid properly. At PELOSO Landscaping we can assure that your interlocking stone will last for years to come by laying down a strong base and tight fittings before your stone is added. Another advantage of interlocking stone is that it can provide better drainage than paved concrete, and is simpler to repair if damage ever occurs.


Commercial Property Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

Ground maintenanceWe strive to create lasting relationships with our clientele. This means we can not only design and install your new landscape, but also give it the care and attention it requires. Running a business is tough, so instead of fretting over maintenance, let PELOSO Landscaping take care of what we do best. PELOSO Landscaping has the team and the tools to maintain beautiful corporate and commercial landscapes. We have a consistent track record of complete customer satisfaction, for jobs both large and small.

Our commercial services in Ottawa and the surrounding area include:

Pressure washing (sidewalks, bricks, building facades, etc.)
Parking lot and garage maintenance
Tree planting and transplanting
Tree pruning, removal, and stump grinding
Lawn, shrub, and tree care
Trail cutting
Excavation and grading
Irrigation systems

Annual and seasonal maintenance plans are available for complete care on a budget. Call 613 260-9566 to see how PELOSO Landscaping can help your business “grow”.

Seasonal Care:

Our complete packages offer customers an array of options and services to protect and care for their landscape.

This includes:

Spring nutrient feeding
Winter preparation and protection fertilization
Fall clean-up
Seasonal pest protection

Multi-Residential Properties:

PELOSO Landscaping Landscaping and Maintenance has long been a leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of commercial and residential properties in the Oakville and Ottawa area, giving us the knowledge and experience to properly care for your multi-residential property. Whether the property is the place of townhomes or high-rise apartments or condominiums, PELOSO Landscaping Landscaping has the trained professionals that know how to monitor your property through every season, alerting you when regular maintenance or special attention is necessary. From planning and preparing in the Spring, to maintaining an attractive landscape through the Summer and Autumn, your property will be eye-catching year-round. We even offer snow and ice management packages through the Winter, so we’ll take care of your plowing and sidewalk maintenance.

Commercial Snow:

Salt and grit application
Snow removal / cartage
Snow stacking and ice removal

Equipment Rentals:

Kubota tractors
Dump trailers
Tandem trucks

Material delivery:

Assistance available for large sub contracted jobs

General Contracting:
For private or public. Fully licensed.

5 million dollar General liability Fully covered under WSIB