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One of the greatest benefits of having your own garden is all of the wildlife it attracts.

Butterflies are a favorite and add so much beauty to a garden. They’ll also help you because they will pollinate your flowers.

To get butterflies in your garden, you’ll need to have plants that can help butterflies in all stages of their lives.

The first thing you need to do is plant native flowering plants that are local to your region. This is important as these plants give butterflies the nectar and foliage necessary for when they are adults and when they are caterpillars and they will help them with survival and reproduction.

When you’re choosing plants for your garden, choose red, yellow, orange, purple or pink blossoms that are clustered or flat-topped.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the adults will mostly only feed in the sunlight. Therefore, make sure that your nectar source plants are in full sunlight during the day.

You must also be sure that these plants are always in bloom or in a blooming rotation with other nectar source plants, as butterflies need access throughout their adult lives.

You should not use insecticides as they will kill the butterflies and other insects.

It is also a good idea to have caterpillar food in your garden. Different types of caterpillars feed on a certain few types of plants, so be sure to get the correct variety of plants for the caterpillars you want. For example, the caterpillars of monarch butterflies feed on milkweeds.

You should also place flat stones throughout your garden so the butterflies have a place to rest.

Follow these tips and you’ll start seeing beautiful butterflies around your garden!