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Bird feeders are a perfect, small addition to your outdoor living space as they bring many benefits to you and your garden.

Your feeder will attract many more species of birds, bringing different colors and songs for you to enjoy.

The number of feeders you have and the types of food can influence what kinds of birds come to visit. Bird feeders can even be fun and educational for the whole family. You can learn a lot about the different kinds of birds (their behaviors, personalities, identifications, how they change each season, etc.) by changing food types or feeder styles and by simply observing them. You can keep a list of which species come to your yard and might even be able to recognize individual birds by their unique traits. Bird feeders also bring great opportunities for photography and interactions with nature. In addition, birds can help your garden. They can act as organic pest control by eating insects, worms, snails and spiders in your garden, as well as aiding in flower pollination. They also help in weed control by eating seed-bearing flowers or weeds. Bird feeders are very helpful to birds especially when their previous food sources have been destroyed. Birds lose nesting spots, shelter and natural food sources when homes are built or torn down, so your bird feeders are helping them just as much as they help you.
Here are some tips and steps to have a wonderful bird-feeder experience. Use high-quality birdseed and food options, and remember to choose the most nutritious options for different seasons. You should also give a variety of options such as nuts, fruit and nectar to attract diverse species. Try to have different bird feeder designs to welcome birds with different feeding preferences. Make your bird feeding area as clean and safe as possible. The feeders should be sterilized and cleaned regularly to avoid spreading diseases. Keep cats and other predators away from the bird area so that they feel safe in your yard. You should also protect your feeders from squirrels, raccoon and other wildlife.